Samar Honey Spoon 10 pieces

100% NATURAL: Our honey spoons contain the best quality of Samar Emirates honey! 

It doesn’t have additives, fillers, or preservatives. It is a natural antioxidant. 

Al Malaky’s Samar honey spoons are easy to carry and easy to use. You can keep them handy while traveling too. They are made especially to munch in our busy schedules.

It is recommended for children due to their great benefit in building their bodies and muscles as it is easy to be served to children due to its sweet taste.

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Honey Tastes Better When It Is Naturally Sourced!

That is why Al Malaky’s Samar Emirates Honey Spoons contain the best quality, honey. Our summer honey is sourced while taking extensive care of beehives. Our indigenous beekeepers ensure consist

 Samar honey is extracted from the nectar of Samar trees, whose flowers bloom between early spring and early summer. It has a dark red color and a pungent odor

 Al Malaky offers the highest quality Emirates Samar honey. 

Harvested by bees from the nectar of the desert Samar tree,

Our nutrients rich and most delicious Emirates Samar honey offers many health benefits including:

  • Maintains a healthy body and heart
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.
  • soothe stomach ache
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Contains high proportions of iron


1- It is a natural antioxidant.

2- It is considered as a high nutritional value.

3- It provides the body with the right amount of energy, so athletes are advised to take it. 

4- It contains fixed levels of protein,  so strengthens muscles and helps build them

5- It Contains prostaglandins  -one of the important substances needed by the immunity system.


Almalaky Honey Spoon Advantages

  • It is sterilized and prepared by using the finest methods and means in an untouched manner
  • It holds a patent and contains analysis approved by Emirates Laboratories.
  • It is easy to use and carry as a one time use.
  • It is a good option during work hours.
  • It is a natural sweetener that is healthy and delicious. 
  • An  healthy alternative to sugar
  • Just have it or add it to cold and hot drinks and also to desserts.
  • It is a favorite taste for children; it is also a healthy snack for them at school.
  • It is a great choice for the elderly and the sick because it is easy to use and accessible.
  • It is light in weight for travel.
  • It is your healthiest choice for office, university, travel, and hospital.
  • Honey spoons are available in ten different types to suit all needs and tastes.


Safety Reminder

    • Honey is not recommended for infants under 1 year old.
    • Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition safety precautions
    • All products are 100% natural but may cause allergies to some people with sensitive conditions. If allergies occur please stop using the product immediately.

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