Herbal Oils Products

We at “Almalaky Royal” choose our products very carefully, and extract our oils from the finest types of plants and seeds, using the best and safest technology for your health, to put such oils in your hands as rich and precious as they have been in their homeland nature.

Golden Drops and Stains of Royal Honey

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  • Black Seed Oil Bottle 60ml

    Natural Oil – 60 ml

    USD 8.44
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  • Coconut Oil Bottle 60ml

    Natural Coconut Oil – 60 ml

    USD 7.08
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  • Natural Royal Hair Oil Bottle 60ml

    Royal Herbal Hair Oil – 60 ml

    USD 14.16
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  • Natural Rose Oil Bottle 60ml

    Natural and Pure Rose Oil – 60 ml

    USD 7.08
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  • Sweet Almond Oil Bottle 60ml

    Sweet Almond Oil for Skin – 60 ml

    USD 7.08
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