Ginseng Shot 30Ml Pack of 16

Ginseng has been used to energize and recharge the body’s power due to its high nutritional content, which makes it an activity booster.


  • Ginseng
  • Ginger
  • Sidr honey
  • Lemon and hibiscus juice


AED 160.00 (price includes vat)



  • Get energized, drink Ginseng Shot – A caffeine-free, NO ADDED SUGAR energizing drink made of  Red Ginseng Extract. Our Ginseng Shot includes sidr honey, lemon, ginseng, ginger, and hibiscus juice
  • A great pre-workout drink or healthy lifestyle choice, this Korean Red Ginseng Drink is designed to provide wellness benefits when you need an energy drink to help get you through the day.
  • KOREAN RED GINSENG – There are several benefits that Korean Ginseng is known for. It helps to relieve stress, improve the immune system, support cognitive function, increase blood circulation, support antioxidant properties that will help you “level up” and take your overall health to new heights, and increases energy.
  • STIMULANT-FREE Natural Energy – While energy drinks or caffeine pills often lead to jitters or headaches, Our Red Ginseng Korean Drink releases a steady burst of energy to help you naturally increase productivity and stay focused. It helps provide you with a natural boost of energy, so you can go about your day without any side effects.
  • NUTRITIONAL DRINK ENERGY SHOT for daily energy, focus supplement. Take it when you need a fast-acting morning or afternoon energy boost. No weird chemical taste or crash. Best tasting focused energy supplement.

Storage conditions
keep at a temperature below 22 degrees.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 13 cm
Ginger Shot

Ginger Shot 12pc, Ginger Shot 16pc, Ginger Shot 6pc

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