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Frequently Asked Questions

Honey production in the UAE lasts for three seasons of each year.
  • Sidr honey is produced between September and October and lasts for almost 30 days.
  • Samar honey is produced between May and June and lasts for almost 25 days.
  • Ghaf honey production comes after Samar honey.
Honey comes in many colors and flavors. These are called honey varietals and they are determined by the types of flowers the bees visit for nectar. Some are light and sweet; others are dark and bold. Pick the honey you like and enjoy!
Honey lasts forever as long as you store it properly.
Every kind of honey will crystallize over time. This is mainly due to the natural sugars in the honey, so it is unrelated to quality or shelf life.
Keep it in room temperature away from direct sunlight in a sealed container, preferably glass jar.
Yes, for all children above 1 year old.
Yes, and we are the first to fill it in the UAE.
Yes, it can be branded and customized upon your request.


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