In 1972, Riad Al Masri established Al Malaky Royal. Over the past 40 years, Al Malaky is one of the leading markets in the production of honey & beehives at a global scale The company’s mission is to promote health and wellness through the finest honey and bee products that are 100% naturally made.
In 1999, Mr Riad’s sons turned the company into a family business. The company expanded their business from being locally sold, to be available across the Middle East.
Al Malaky Products are proudly made in the UAE. They are produced using the highest standards of health and safety through an innovative process that is continually developing based on the latest research.
In terms of price and quality, Al Malaky products are supplied the best in the region.
Since 2004, sanitary and advanced technology was found in various packaging of the products.
Al Malak obtains the following certifications: (HACCP / ISO 22000 / GMP). In addition, it won an Innovation award from SIAL-CHINA.
Al Malaky Royal is the first company in the GCC to import and fill Manuka honey.
It represented UAE in various countries such as Japan, China, Russia, and Canada. Plus, It was the only representative of UAE at the (Apimondia 2019 Canada) that was organized by the World Bee Organization (Apimondia).
Gifts & Giveaways
It is the first company that provides honey products in the form of luxury and customized gifts
VIP gifts that represent the traditions of hospitality and the culture of UAE for the delicious Emirati honey. Such gifts can be totally branded and customized to meet your vision.

Certificates of Quality

Our Factory

equipped the plant with the latest equipment and automatic production lines in which the products are untouched by hand Highest Quality Standards Established a factory under the supervision of researchers who are constantly working to develop high-quality products.
established a plant-based on scientific research working to develop high-quality products and using natural materials according to safety standards. With a production Capacity of:
27,000 Honey Spoons, 10,000 Bottles of Honey, 20,000 Honey with Nuts Cans

Innovative Products

Won an Innovation award from SIAL-CHINA Asia’s largest and the 3rd biggest food innovation exhibition in the world, SIAL China 2019 almalaky selected for the innovation in these products in china sial

Honey Spoon
Honey Tella ( Honey with hazelnut extract)
Honey with Nuts

Our Products

The Best Honey

Al Malaky produces the best types of pure honey, prepared with high quality standards and the delicious taste of Emirati Honey

Everything related to the beehive (Bee Wax, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis)

Our oils from the finest types of
plants and seeds

Premium quality oil extracted carefully
And different types of beneficial Herbal Tea

Al Malaky is interested in providing the most important natural products of honey to strengthen and increase immunity

Al Malaky specializes in designing the highest standards of elegance and quality for honey products to present them in an attractive and elegant way that attracts VIP customers

Natural ginger roots, without any artificial additives
and without any filtering processes

Al Malaky offers the products that are important to Al hajj by presenting them without perfumes to suit the performance of his rituals

Special natural products by Al Malaky for body & skin care (Creams, Shampoo, Soaps and Oils)

Almalaky is a title of quality and credibility
At Al Malaky Royal our main mission is to search for the purest and tastiest raw honey around the world, especially in the United Arab Emirates. We pay attention to everything related to honey, starting in obtaining the natural source of honey, extracting process and delivering it to you by the best means and methods to reach your residence in which its delightful taste is maintained
Honey Quality
Al Malaky Royal’s honey is distinguished for being raw and comes directly from honey cells without exposure to any heat treatment or purification process that results in loosing its enzymes that enhance man’s health. No farmer or beekeeper we work with depends on sugar solutions or nutritional supplements to feed bees


The only representative of UAE in the (Apimondia 2019 Canada) organized by the World Bee Organization (Apimondia).
Representing UAE In various countries





Our Certificate

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The dedication and effort we put to assure the quality of our products is reflected in certifications that have been awarded to our products by various independent international organizations and institutions.