Manuka Honey Spoon UMF5+ , MGO 83+ with Dates Medjool 1 KG Offer

It is one of the types of honey that is produced by a special type of bees, which relies on the manuka flower for its nutrition, which makes it’s chemical composition distinct and different from any other honey.

A favourite around the world, the Medjool variety is also known as the ‘king of dates’.

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We at Al Malak Royal offer you the finest New Zealand Manuka Honey, which was carefully packaged in our Emirati factories and we added a touch of creativity. We were the first to pack New Zealand Manuka honey in the form of spoons to make it easy to eat and use in various daily activities. This is because we realize the importance of the excellent composition of this honey and its nutritional value, as it is the best immune booster, as it is an anti-oxidant, fights bacteria and viruses, and prevents their growth.

Manuka Honey Spoon Advantages:

  • It is sterilized and prepared by using the finest methods and means in an untouched manner.
  • It holds a patent and contains analysis approved by Emirates Laboratories.
  • It is easy to use and carry as a one time use.
  • It is a good option during work hours.


Dates are grown in our iconic date groves in Palestine, a region famed for its ideal climate, rich soil and sweet water, perfect for growing productive date palms
Dates are a source of health-boosting nutrients, including; calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Dates Benefits:

  • Suitable for pregnant women to overcome the fatigue and exhaustion of the pregnancy period
  •  Helps digestion and overcome constipation (3-7) dates on an empty stomach
  • An excellent natural source of energy and vitamins, recommended for athletes
  • Boost immunity and fight inflammation
  • It generates milk for the breastfeeding mother

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