Natural Power Honey for Women

Power Honey for women.
Health, fitness & beauty.

The Emirati Sidr honey is one of the finest types of honey when it comes to its capacity in helping with treating many diseases, as it is provided by Al Malaky Royal. In addition to some other natural ingredients, it contributes to providing fertility opportunities and raising the production rate of healthy eggs that are suitable for fertilization.

In addition, it helps in providing the body with energy and vitality, feeling relaxed, and enhancing the mood

Create your own blend of honey by adding essential and optional ingredients to enhance benefits and improve sexual potency.

400g of Emirati Sidr Honey is the essential ingredient in which you mix and add the other ingredients

a natural antioxidant provides the body with natural needed sugar for provided energy, it considers a metabolism enhancer.

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it can provide women with daily needed energy as it can help in relief from fatigue, improving the women’s alertness
It also enhances the Estrogen which is essential for healthy bone formation and is vital for a healthy menstrual cycle. and it also helps in the balance of hormones It can also Diminish and reduce the signs of aging and supporting the immune system, it considers a woman’s sexual desire enhancer

Queen Bees Royal Jelly

can provide women with daily needed energy
Can help in reducing the muscle pain that usually women feel during their daily works. it can also improve digestion, it plays a very active role in enhancing the sexual desire for women and improving the women’s ability to relax

Natural Ginseng

It’s rich in vitamins such as A, D, E, K, C, B3, and B5, and bioflavonoids. It has been used traditionally as an anti-aging and energy-giving, It also plays an active role to improve fertility, enhance endurance. It is also considered as a tonic for sexual desire.

Natural Palm Pollen Powder

Its can provide the women with daily needed energy as it can Detoxify the body Natural anti-inflammatory and also it consider as a natural analgesic for all body pain

Raw Propolis

reduce anxiety and it can also increase the vitality. It can make the reduction of vaginal dryness and also consider a sexual desire enhancer for women.

Damiana Flower


It contains chemicals that might help increase blood flow and improve sexual function. It also contains phytoestrogens, chemicals that act somewhat like the female hormone estrogen. This might reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women.

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It can provide the women with daily needed energy as it is considered as a natural antioxidant and rich in vitamins and minerals. Improving the blood circulation also can consider a sexual desire enhancer for women.

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It can provide the women with daily needed energy as it can provide the body with natural vitamin c, refreshing the body, and enhance the ability to work

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Al Malaky offers pure, high-quality Sidr honey mixed with royal jelly and ginseng, in addition to propolis, palm pollen, maca, and as basic ingredients that must be added.
The effectiveness and efficiency of the honey mixture can be increased by adding ginger and black seed powder

The power honey for woman contains ingredients that are beneficial in enhancing skin vitality and freshness. It contains ingredients that help purify the skin, hydrate the body,.

if you add natural Maca or Epimedium herbal taste will be a little bitter

Its benefits can be summarized as the following:

  • Increase sexual desire in women
  • Stimulates the activity of the ovaries
  • Contributes to the treatment of delayed pregnancy issues
  • Provides women with energy, strength, physical activity, and mental strength.
  • Supports improving the mood, psychological and emotional states.
  • Helps in regulating the menstrual cycle and relieving menstrual pain.
  • For those suffering from hypertension, diabetes or heart diseases, it is advised to consult their own doctor before ordering this product.
  • The honey mixture cannot be returned or exchanged after the order is created

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