Propolis drop – 10ml

Strengthen Your Immunity With Propolis Drops!
Apart from honey, bees also make propolis. It is a greenish-brown sticky substance used by honeybees to build their hives. Propolis is widely believed to have protective properties that avert the invasion of insects or other potential issues into the hives. It was extensively used by ancient civilizations for its healing properties.

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  • HEALTH & WELLNESS : It may help to prevent tooth decay, relieve gum pain, and freshen up mouth and breath. It is also useful for skin burns. Besides, it may also help to strengthen the hair.
  • EXCEPTIONAL BENEFITS : A daily dose of our propolis drops may help to enhance natural killer cell production and phagocytic activity.
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER : Our propolis drops has antiviral properties that may help the immune system of your body. It works as a natural antibiotic that may help to ease throat and pharynx inflammation.
  • NATURALLY SOURCED : Al Malaky’s propolis drops are naturally sourced while keeping special care of beehives. We ensure all our products are made while supporting honeybee population growth.

Taking it all into consideration, Al Malaky has put together propolis drops from Brazil that may help to support your body’s immune system. Naturally sourced, these drops are alcohol-free and may help to strengthen your immune system. Propolis drops works as an antibiotic that may help to alleviate throat and pharynx inflammation. In cases of tooth and gum pain, a single drop may work wonders to ease the condition.

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