Fitness tea with Ginger people drink BOX

Al Malaky offers you this Box
To present it as gift for special persons

Al Malaky’s Fitness Tea is a safe and delicious way to promote weight loss!

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Box include:

  • 6 Fitness tea
  • 1pc Ginger brew drink

Fitness tea

  • HERBAL TEA FOR FAT LOSS: Having the goodness of the right ingredients that help to burn body fat, our herbal tea may help to reduce that stubborn weight that you always wanted to get rid of!
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Our fitness tea is a delicious beverage that may help to improve digestive functions, regulate blood flow, boost energy level, and maintain body fitness and agility.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Al Malaky’s Fitness Tea is a well-chosen blend of healthy ingredients. It is all-natural and doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives.
  • REFRESHING FLAVOR: Our Fitness Tea has a refreshing flavor that may help to ease your stress. You can enjoy it as your morning tea or bedtime chamomile.

Ginger brew:

We have created a naturally brewed, non-alcoholic beverage that contains a unique blend of the gingers, sugar cane, lemon , carbonated water. Ginger Brew has a rich texture that will playfully tempt your appetite.

Take advantage of the countless benefits of this drink:

  • a fat burner tonic
  • may help to improve blood circulation
  • reduce muscle pain and soreness.
  • may help to ease many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness

Please move the bottle up and down before opening it

Drink it cold

Safety Reminder

  • our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition safety precautions
  • All products are 100% natural but may cause allergies to some people with sensitive conditions. If allergies occur please stop using the product immediately.

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