FZ403 Juice Dispenser Black – Fizzics

FIZZICS ORIGINAL SYSTEM. Big enough to hold a growler, small enough to take on your next adventure. You can experience your favorite craft style soft drink anywhere, in.
Simply insert soft drink, pull forward tap, push back to top.
This portable tap style allows you to turn your favorite soft drink into fresh from the tap draft perfection.
There’s no separate CO2 or Nitro canister needed as you get beautiful pours and perfect, creamy foam.

USD 228.75 (price includes vat)

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LATEST FROM FIZZICS – Fizzics newest model boasts patented Micro-Foam technology plus adds new features like USB power, larger size to accommodate all bottle/cans
Works with any soft drink- Accommodates all cans and bottles, including 500ml and 750ml bottles.
Built to last – because it’s built with materials like corrosion-resistant zinc and a durable matte finish, The draftpour is a cinch to keep clean and will look gorgeous for years to come-pour after beautiful pour.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 15 cm

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