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Indulge yourself or treat your loved ones to Almalaky’s natural products while accumulating loyalty points with each purchase.

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Apart from the loyalty points you gather through purchases, you have the opportunity to accumulate additional points by:


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Did you have a delightful shopping experience with us? Have you accumulated a sufficient amount of loyalty points?

Now you can easily redeem them directly on our platform:

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Earning Rules

Tier 1 (Gold) 0 0
Tier 2 (Platinum) 3,000 AED 3,000 points
Tier 3 (VIP) 7,000 AED 7,000 points
Tier 3 (VVIP) 10,000 AED 11,500 points
Benefits Tier 1 (Gold) Tier 2 (Platinum) Tier 3 (VIP) Tier 4 (VVIP)
Earning Rule 1 AED = 1 point 1 AED = 1 points 1 AED = 1.5 points 1 AED = 2 points
Birthday 50 points 100 points 10% Discount 15% Discount
Free Shipping No No Yes (99 AED) Yes (99 AED)
Extra points when leveling up 0 50 points 100 points 150points
Exclusive Offers and Promotions No Occasionally Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Almalaky royal Loyalty Program is our rewards initiative that enables you to accumulate loyalty points with each purchase, granting you access to a range of advantages such as birthday gifts, exclusive offers, complimentary shipping, and many other perks!

Simply create an account on Almalaky and relish your shopping journey, as you’ll automatically accrue loyalty points with each new purchase.

It’s a straightforward and enjoyable process! Just log in to your Almalaky account, shop, accumulate loyalty points, and reap the fantastic rewards, ranging from cashback offers to free products.

You can accumulate loyalty points through various methods such as making purchases on the Almalaky shop, registering for an account, referring your friends to us, or following us on social media.

The Almalaky Loyalty Program relies solely on the email address serving as a unique identifier; without an email, you won’t be able to create an account on Almalaky.

No, only e-mails are valid methods of account creation and thus subscription to Almalaky Loyalty Program.

You have the option to redeem your loyalty points on Almalaky directly by converting them into either cashback or a free product.

Rewards acquired with your loyalty points cannot be returned or exchanged

A tier level offers you advantages and benefits according to the amounts spent in your purchases

We are sorry, you cannot transfer or “gift” your points to anyone else.

Your tier status is valid for 1 year based on your registration month. Once the year has passed, you will be put back in the initial tier and will have one year to accumulate points again to move up the tiers.