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Honey bees are those gritty and resilient manufacturers who don’t like to give up! Want to know how? Look at their products— Honey and Propolis. Like who on earth would make two products that never get out of the market?

But bee propolis— the lesser-known gem— needs some dissection, especially when immune health is the hot topic, and you need to know it.

Multiple bees hammering on propolis

Bee propolis is a silent guardian, a watchful protector, & a powerful caretaker of bees’ houses. It’s the reason why honey exists!

We all use sealants to cover up chinks in our places to minimize the wrath of rain and sun god!

Similarly, bees naturally produce gooey-glue like sealants to cover up the open spaces in their hives.

It gives them protection against water, fungus, virus, bacteria, and wood decay.

You might not believe it, but honey exists because propolis exists. Propolis safeguards bees in their homes while they yield honey when fit and fine. If it were not for propolis— bees would find a tough time making honey.

Manufacturing propolis is no less than laborious work! But never underestimate the artistry of bees.

Honey bees love evergreen or needle-leaved trees. They like to linger around conifer and poplar buds, sap, and other botanical sources.

While hovering around, they often mix their own discharges and beeswax with the exudate gathered from sap and buds.

The combination results in a gooey-brown item that’s nothing but the external coating to build and shield the hives.

The tree immune system combines with the bee hive’s immune system to present a strong case for the human immune system.

Bee propolis possesses powerful germicidal and antioxidant properties; the very reason bees rely so much on these protective coatings. But bees’ propolis has also shown high potency in strengthening the human immune system.

Bee glue has fancy flavonoids with antioxidant activities and phenolics with anti-stress responses that not only help bees boost their health but allow humans to take profound use of its health benefits.

Natural propolis is really challenging to administer. Go for infused propolis for safety and effectiveness.

While you can have raw propolis— trust us— it could be a daunting experience— mainly because of its impact on your teeth.

Infused-propolis supplements such as tinctures, chunks, capsules, & powders built by trusted companies will mean safer and effective doses for your body.

Each supplement has a proper way to ingest, and you need to take care of it before gulping any dose of it.

It depends on what you get from the market— the alcohol-based or water-based propolis tincture.

The alcohol-dominant tincture has 1:1 of alcohol and propolis, i.e., 50-50% of each! Whereas the water-propolis is a bit diluted form with only 20% of propolis strength.

If you have picked the former one— third-to-one-half of a dropper full (which is roughly equal to 6 drops) should be sufficient for a strong effect. Squirt it directly into the back of the mouth rather than dropping it on the back of the throat.

Squeeze off the entire dropper when you are having the milder version of propolis. Don’t overdo as it’s less waxy and has a muted taste.

If you are mulling over what propolis chunks are, here’s the deal— they’re the raw form of bee propolis.

The large slates of propolis are chopped off in small raw pieces that give an unprocessed and natural genuinity.

You can have them orally— by merely swallowing or chewing them up. Having a piece or two should do for the day. You wouldn’t want to chomp more of them because the greenish-brown ones would stain off your teeth.

It gives you the luxury of fighting the cold. Increase your dose if you are eyeing to alleviate a specific health condition with the bee glue.

Raw form of Propolis in a bowl

Propolis capsules easily cut in the most-convenient supplements bracket. A few pills, here and there, and you build a robust antimicrobial immune against cold.

We recommend you to have two or three pills of 10g propolis capsules daily. For faster action against cold, you’d like to have 6 – 8 capsules per day.

Simply put, have two pills at any time of ingestion— repeat it thrice or four times a day. It’s quite safe to have more pills if you are trying to get hold of aggravated health conditions.

The best you could do is talk to the Naturopathic health professionals about the underlying issue and maintain a dose.

This could make the best of the list. We get propolis powder by crushing and grinding the propolis raw slab.

The hint of a sweet and antiseptic taste might not compel you to have it in your Saturday night treat.

But a little more creative ones like to add the fine-powdery supplement for enhancing the flavor of their recipe meals and food-savories.

You can pull off the same thing by either sprinkling them on your meal or creating a propolis butter.

‘Sealing’ the deal— final words of caution

Now that you know the tidbits of bee propolis make sure that you’re embellishing your rack with trusted and guaranteed products. We @ Al-Malaky suggest you avoid cheap, counterfeited products and have your hands on the gem of the realm.


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