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There are two types of honey— the usual honey and manuka honey. Not implying regular honey is terrible honey, but manuka honey has a different charm on your skin, quite literally.

So significant is its impact even celebrities can’t resist

I would have loved to bluff and sell this product to you, but the holy-excellency of manuka honey is not hidden. We need not bluff for the number of celebrities slathering on manuka honey masks as germ-fighting shields are uncountable.

Oh yeah, and did I mention about its natural ointment properties? Yes, using manuka honey for skin wounds can give you an organic alternative over conventional antibiotics. And yes, not to forget its potent sleep solution as well.

A New Zealand speciality taking over the world

Manuka honey is a rare gem of New Zealand that is made for limited weeks in a year, and that happens when bees pollinate with the manuka plant. On any given day, Manuka is more potent than general honey.

Calling Manuka as regular honey is a crime, at least, in my eyes. Why do I say this? Because it isn’t raw honey. In fact, it’s rich in antibacterial-properties specialized honey.

You must be wondering what separates it from the regular honey! What’s it that element which makes it so special? Well, it’s methylglyoxal (MGO). Yes, the higher strength of MGO in manuka honey makes it a desirable skin care lotion.

Manuka honey is not good friends with bacteria, in fact, not friends at all.

While regular honey isn’t friends with bacteria on your skin, manuka honey absolutely rips these bacteria apart. Its bacterial-resistant properties don’t let the microbes build-up any tolerance level.

Have you ever heard of the authorities not letting the illegal built-up? Consider manuka honey face masks the similar kind of charge. The moment germs colonize on the first line of defence, Manuka’s anti-microbial properties raze them to the ground, ruthlessly!

What it does to your outside, does to your inside.

Interestingly, the benefits of manuka honey aren’t restricted to your outside. What it does to your exterior, does to your interior too! Yeah! Its enigmatic brilliance lets you clear up your sore throat and helps you sniffle less. Here are some manuka honey benefits within your body:

Where did all your money go?

You wouldn’t want to say “on my skin,” when someone asks “where did all your money disappear.” Would you? Skin problems are so common that no one gives a double-thought while spending their fortunes. But whether you undo your skin problems or not, you indeed undo your hard-earned deposits.

But manuka honey has other plans for you and your pockets. One face, many solutions. Think of all the major skin problems, and Manuka has answers for them. Now no one will ask ‘where did your money go.’ It’s right in your pocket!

Want to check them out? Here are they:

#1 Bacteria infecting pores and acne? Manuka honey fends off these zealot microbes.

Having pores is absolutely normal, our skins have them anyway! But bacteria like to invade and infect them, causing more acne breakouts. But our Oceania honey attacks and destroys bacteria. So your skin doesn’t look swollen, red, and angry.

Acnes’ are adamant spoilers. They don’t go too quickly, and above that, they dare to inflame your skin. Thankfully, Manuka is an anti-inflammatory substance— you simply spread it across your skin and acne is shown its place.

#2 Dead skin cells piling up black and whiteheads? Manuka honey exfoliates your skin.

Having skin as smooth as a pancake is a challenge in itself, mainly when bumps such as blackhead and whitehead exist. And as mentioned, skins have lots of pores. Remember hair coming out from the skin? They’re skin pores.

But like any tube under the washbasin, your pores clog too! Oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria— they all pile up making a micro-plateau on your skin. These small lesions are a type of mild acne, and you want to get rid of them too.

Again, manuka honey doesn’t give any hoot in hell to these clogged pores. You can think of it as a vacuum tube that keeps dead skin cells from jamming your pores. Some studies show that the soothing and hydrating properties of the ambrosia clears off all the pores and helps erase the acne scars.

#3 Dry skin affecting your skin quality? The sweet nectar improves hydration and moisture.

Dry skins are hard to get along! And when your oil-producing gland is not working up to the mark, it’s another nail in the skin quality. Honestly, dry skin is not a problem. But, here’s the catch— if you don’t care for it properly, you might end up having eczema. Eczema is a skin-cracking disease, pretty similar to the infertile land cracking after drying up.

That said, the calming properties of manuka honey is worth every bang of your buck as it lets you manage dry skin. You must be aware of how an air conditioner works. It pulls in the air from outside and passes inside to your room.

Manuka honey is a natural air conditioner. Technically, we call it humectant, an organic moisture-binding element. So it draws the moisture from the air and sticks it with your skin, giving your skin cells some water particles to live on. If dry skin is your problem, manuka honey is an excellent way to water your skin.

#4 Wounds showing up at your skin? Manuka honey heals up all the wounds and scars.

Though the pain in wounds is an inflammatory response, we don’t like to have as it often gets excruciating. And that’s followed by itching and tissue damage. Yes, there are inorganic creams to have this response controlled, but manuka honey has the natural anti-inflammatory properties to make your wounds bearable.

Did you know it has acidic properties as with any other honey? And it ranges between 3 to 4.5 pH. The acid is known to control wound infection by altering the protease activity and releasing as much oxygen to reduce microbial toxicity.

When you’re suffering from excessive pain, certain enzymes in your body break down healing protein and aggravate your condition. However, Manuka’s acidic property blocks these enzymes and prevents proteins from breaking down.

Finding manuka honey for your personal use is not rocket science!

 Manuka honey served in a bowl upon a dining table

Let’s tell you the inside story! It’s between you and us. ‘Not all manuka honeys are the same.’ There’s a vast difference in its degree of potency. Different manufacturers label their packages with different UMF (unique manuka factor) scores.

As you go with the higher UMF score, you have more beneficial honey in your hand. Here’s the table you’d like to refer while finding Manuka for your personal use:

As you climb up the ladder, you’ll be more benefited by its therapeutic genius.

Having your share of Manuka Honey with Al-Malaky Royals

If you’re looking for your share of manuka honey, Al-Malaky Royals can be your ideal partner. You need to check whether a manuka product displays “non-peroxide antibacterial activity (NPA)” or the UMF rating.

The good news is that our manuka honey is rich in MGO and has a high UMF rating. What does that mean for your skin? You’ll have smoother, soother, hydrated, and healthy skin.

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