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Effective treatment with modern methods

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common andrological diseases in men over 40. Common symptoms of erectile dysfunction are the inability to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis and a weakened libido.

Qualified urologists-andrologists have the necessary skills to diagnose and treat pathology. Doctors will prescribe effective treatment for erectile dysfunction with oral medications, injections, or complex therapy. In some cases, when drug treatment is ineffective, surgery is necessary.

Types of diseases and methods of treatment

Depending on the cause of erectile dysfunction, a distinction is made between vasculogenic (vascular) and psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of impaired arterial flow, which can be caused by:

– blockage of arteries in the pelvic area due to fractures or injuries;

– hypertension;

– diabetes;

– obesity and other factors.

– Treatment involves taking medications to restore an erection, prescribed individually for each patient.

Psychological erectile dysfunction can appear under the influence of many psychogenic causes: depression, chronic fatigue, sexual fears, and more.

Before starting therapy, it is necessary to consult a psychotherapist, after which physiotherapy is recommended.

Is erectile dysfunction curable?

Modern medicine has achieved impressive success in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and made this problem successfully solvable. Therefore, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should not live with this problem and do nothing to overcome it. See a qualified doctor who diagnoses and treats erectile dysfunction. After a thorough examination, taking into account individual characteristics, you will be selected the optimal treatment method for you, which will return to your life all the joys of a healthy man and full sex. The risk factors for erectile dysfunction will be adjusted, which can significantly improve your own erection.

In cases where conservative methods of treatment do not help, the problem is best solved with the help of falloprosthetics surgery.

We will completely restore the patient’s sexual function!

It should be remembered that erectile dysfunction is easily amenable to therapy, provided that a competent doctor is consulted in time. He will give you the best method of treating erectile dysfunction, recommendations for the prevention of pathology and overall health improvement.

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