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Nothing is as important in life as good health. People are investing a lot into remedies that will keep infections at bay. Your body’s immunity depends on a broad range of factors and can be weakened over time or due to medical conditions. It is, however, possible to remain in optimal health with basic and affordable solutions such as natural bee honey. This is a scientifically proven immunity-boosting solution that has been in use from ancient times.

Recent studies have revealed that raw original honey Dubai is rich in elements that can potentially defend people suffering from various ailments or healthy individuals from bacterial infections that might be resistant to traditional medicine. In fact, it has been used in the past to help in speeding up the healing of wounds. It is estimated that pure local honey has more than 200 nutrients and enzymes that can promote one’s health. With all that, it can enhance your body’s defence against external and disease-causing elements. They acquire these benefits primarily from numerous plants and flowers from which bees forage to boost your body’s immunity.

Pure Honey in UAE

Ancient history

Researchers trace the initial use of natural bee honey for health purposes back in ancient Egyptian times, long before the invention of modern-day antibiotics. Healing during those days used honey to treat a broad range of ailments. It not until about 1892 when Van Ketel, a Dutch scientist started to seriously look into the reasons why honey was effective in managing medical conditions. It is a phenomenon that had puzzled researchers before him. In his studies, he unravelled that honey contained antimicrobial agents that could sterilize and support the healing of body wounds. To date, this concept still applies especially by physicians in treating wounds resulting from severe burns.

Increased resistance against antibiotics

When penicillin was discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1928, the course of healthcare in the world changed for good. However, increased and sometimes inappropriate use of antibiotics over the years, coupled with some of the synthetic derivatives has caused mutation to some bugs that don’t respond to some of these drugs. This was rarely expected during the early days, and today, there is a lot of research on various natural remedies to pharmaceutical alternatives.  Of the many available options, researches are keenly looking at the effectiveness of 100 pure original honey as one of the leading options that could actually replace or complement pharmaceutical drugs. So far, there is sufficient evidence to prove that honey can indeed stop some stubborn bacteria such as MRSA and can further help patients of cystic fibrosis, among others.

Resistance against

What is the probable mechanism of action?

Not every honey shop in Dubai stocks natural honey, which is good for the immune system. The question that lingers is; how does it help the body? There is no doubt that it is one of the best sweeteners out there, far much better than processed sugar, but what sets it apart? The human body is protected from various harmful microbes by natural elements known as peptides. Naturally, bees do actually produce these peptides that are available in real original honey. It is simple; you eat raw pure honey UAE and naturally increase our peptides count. With high volumes of peptides, your body’s ability to fight bacteria increased multiple folds. Nothing beats a stronger immunity.

Keeping viruses at bay

Viruses are all over today. The world is currently fighting one of the most deadly viruses, Covid-19 that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands from all over the world. When a virus strikes, it usually catches the body unaware and unprepared. How then do you cushion yourself from regular viral infections? You have to ensure that your immune system is at its best. Other than a good diet rich in high fiber from an assortment of plant foods, you must also learn to avoid the mouth-watering processed foods. Adding into the mix is honey, which as mentioned is packed with more than 200 health-boosting elements needed by the body.

Which honey is recommended for your body?

There are numerous honey products in the market. Walk into any honey shop in Dubai and you will be met by a wide spectrum of honey brands, each claiming to be the best. While you might still enjoy their sweetness, the truth is that they are not the same. Most of these honey in supermarkets are actually not natural because they have been made by bees that are fed on some sugar solutions with zero presence of plant pollen. In fact, they are made specifically for commercial purposes and even fed on pharmaceutical antibiotics. Extracted from a chemical-rich environment, flash-pasteurized, and further micro-filtered to ensure that it remains clear to appeal to the customers, you might be duped to assume that this is the best honey. But looks can be deceiving.

The best honey for your immune system is extracted from bees in a natural environment. They are actually from some of the remotest places in the world like Yemen. Beekeepers that sell pure local honey have mastered the art to ensure that they extract only the best. This is the type that guarantees the aforementioned health benefits.

Some people have fallen victims of fake honey launders claiming to be real original honey whilst its nothing close. Once you get the right honey, you should ensure that you use it appropriately to enjoy full health benefits. You can take it straight from the can, apply it on bread or use it as a sweetener for your tea, coffee, or even baking.

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